After teaching Biology and Earth Science for 33 years on Long Island, I retired to the foothills of Tucson, AZ in 1999.

For years I used the traditional methods of jewelry making until I discovered the art of bead crochet. I was hooked on the process but saw the need to bring it to a new level. The vintage ropes of the 1920's were unremarkable in terms of texture, patterns, color and durability. The first improvement was to get rid of the biodegradable cotton thread and replace it with polyester top stitch thread that is as strong as nylon but supple as silk. Next I saw the opportunity to incorporate the colors in nature and was especially inspired by flowers, butterflies, animals and landscapes.

One of my original creations is the Bottle Brush design which was inspired by the beautiful desert flower, not the kitchen utensil. My spiral necklaces and bracelets reminded me of the DNA molecule and some of the beautiful sea shells found at Jones Beach. One piece was inspired by peas in a pod, another by a scoop of sherbet, and yet another by an ear of Indian corn with all its wonderful varieties of fall colors.

Over the past few years I have developed a friendship and alliance with an award-winning glass artist from Albuquerque, NM who has been creating focal beads and pendants for my necklaces.

In September 2011, I was named artist of the month at the Tubac Museum of the Arts.

In March 2012, I won third place in a nationwide beading contest to create a piece of jewelry that best represented the upcoming Oscars. I submitted a bead crochet bracelet with gold beads to represent the gold Oscar trophy and silver beads reminiscent of the silver screen. It was done in a spiral pattern like the elegant staircases the stars used to descend in the grand old days. Last of all, there was Oscar himself, my feline designer.